A note from our friend in photography, Chad Moon.

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Greetings fellow photographers, models, stylists and fans at C WithersMedia!

Its truly an honor to write a blog post for C Withers Media. I have been lucky enough to get to know Casey over the years and actually shoot beside him a while back. Casey and I both come from the automotive world before we made the jump into photography. My first memory of Casey was seeing some of his automotive images he put out on one of the forums we both followed. I’m glad to say I was one of those fans out there that followed his career from the very first images he posted.

Over time I have watched Casey make the jump into wedding, fitness, landscape, and of course glamour photography. When I made the decision to jump into digital photography, Casey played a huge roll in the equipment I chose as well as helping me learn the ins and outs of photography. For that I will always be greatful!

Ever since I was able to work with Casey (2nd shooter for a wedding he shot out my way in WI…I’m from MN, don’t get it twisted!!), we had talked about working together on what we both excel in, Fashion, Glamour, and Swimsuit photography. After an amazing 2012 where I saw my career take off, I wanted to make the jump out to the West Coast and shoot a few editorial’s as well as test with some models in the LA and San Diego areas. After a few conversations with Casey and fellow Fashion photographer Joshua Escueta, we decided to make a long weekend out of my trip and shoot non stop from Feb 28th-Mar 4th. Casey, Joshua and myself have already brainstormed over a few ideas and locations, and I can promise you that you will not be disappointed in the finished products! Not only does this allow each of us to learn new things, but it also will provide clients with the chance to shoot with three professional photographers on the same day. Thats an opportunity that many industry models do not get the chance to do in one sitting. Please contact Casey, or see my contact email below to be a part of this opportunity.

Thank you for stopping by C Withers Media and checking out this post. Continue to follow here for more updates from Casey and his entire team!

Here is a little taste of some of my past work:

Please visit my website: www.cmoonphotography.com and FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/C.MoonPhotography For bookings during my West Coast trip, please email me at cmoonphotography@gmail.com.




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