Big Blue – Jenni Jenkins


Wow Jenni Jackson, this looks awesome!~ Thank you so much for sharing the meaning of the photo to you.

We are so appreciative and glad you love it.







I do not have the words or the correct lighting (yet) to describe the beauty of this metal print from Casey Withers. For me this bridge symbolizes the strength and beauty my daughter Corie Jackson has developed over her time away at SDSU. It also reminds me of how far she has come. Every time the kids and I go visit we go over to the island and read the jumper sign, that first semester was a rough one. Thankfully not that rough but its a reminder of her feeling lost and rising above to something higher.. God is good. I love you my baby.. and just maybe by the time you graduate we’ll get super lucky and Casey will have taken a shot of the whole bridge… symbolizing you made it to the other side!! I am in aww of you..

So, what do you think ?