Fail Forward by Brett Buckles


I admire anyone who eats healthy and is trying to better themselves. I’ve been in the fitness world for 15 years and have never seen two identical life styles or life style needs.

We were all beginners at some point, so there is no reason to be a food or health snob. You see it all the time, fairly rude comments calling people out about diets and working out. If you want the whole world to eat right and be healthy I don’t think mocking them or calling them out will do anything but run them away from our industry. No one is perfect, I used to eat microwave TV dinners, weight watchers and all sorts of crap that I had no idea wasn’t really in my best interest when I was young and first starting out. We didn’t have the Internet in the way we do now. But I learned on my journey through trial and error. Same with work outs, I’ve done every style work out you can imagine. Like I said for 15 years.

Everyone was a beginner at some point. You never know someones struggle and story. So rather than make everyone who doesn’t live like you feel bad why not help them and encourage them. I mean you don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great. Especially I’ll confess I don’t eat perfect or healthy all the time. But you don’t see me posting pictures of my meals all the time unless I had a goal or purpose to show. Educating people about food is great! But to do it to give people the illusion of perfection I don’t think is valuables to anyone. I don’t work out as hard and perfect all the time. I live a little try and find balance. I used to drive myself nuts trying to be perfect, so much so it did the opposite of motivate me, it just messed with my head and self esteem.

I thought I had to be perfect to be like my heroes until I began to meet some of my heroes and find out no one is perfect. Especially not all the time. We are all human in this crazy thing called life. Set goals. Start small. Each time you achieve one then belief will grow and you can set a bigger one. I wish you all luck. Any time I feel I’m getting to big for my britches I think of the people who can’t even walk, those who are ill or in countries with no options. I remember 3 years ago when I got sick and lost 30lbs from stress and overworking myself and asked myself is it really worth it. You can’t keep anything in life, your body or your stuff, o be grateful because the universe loves to humble you when your not. The only thing which will last is your impression on others. I wish everyone luck on their goals in 2014. Don’t worry about being perfect just focus on getting started.

Fail forward until you get it right:)

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